Julie Snow started performing as a member of the Bennington Ladies Jug Band in the 1960s, entertaining at local New England colleges and culminating in a performance at the legendary Gerdes Folk City. As a Cambridge, Massachusetts resident in the 1970s and 1980s, she continued writing and playing and was introduced to an up-and-coming Connecticut singer-songwriter named Lui Collins — who was a kindred spirit. The meeting was the beginning of a long friendship, and Lui recorded five of Julie's songs on her early albums. The title cut of Lui's second album was Baptism of Fire, perhaps Julie's most-famous song — it has been recorded multiple times and has generated many kudos and expressions of gratitude over the years. In Beverly Biderman's Wired for Sound: a Journey into Hearing, the lyrics of Baptism of Fire were used throughout the text — including the front page — to express the author's journey into hearing after receiving a cochlear implant.

In the early nineties, Julie moved to rural New Hampshire and discovered a vibrant community of acoustic musicians, making both traditional and contemporary music. She became part of a women’s songwriting collective, affectionately named The Rolling Crones, and began writing and performing again. Since then, Julie has made two albums of her original songs, including the brand-new No Ordinary Love. She is an active member of a song circle in southern New Hampshire and a regular at her favorite songwriting camps — SummerSongs in NY, and the Moab Folk Camp in Moab, Utah. She coaches songwriters at SummerSongs and recently has begun to teach at the Moab Folk Camp.